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      I'mĀ Matt Gray

      Iā€™ve built 4 profitable companies in the past 10 years, a community of 14 million people, and teams of 50+ people. I now run a portfolio of profitable online businesses.Ā 


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      Harley Finkelstein

      President, Shopify

      The key to the future of commerce is community and Matt is one of the most brilliant and thoughtful community builders I've ever met. His philosophy and practices helped grow Herb to 14 million people and is changing the way people think about cannabis. He also has one of the fastest-growing personal brands on the internet.

      Christine Carrillo

      Founder, The 20 Hour CEO

      This is what I wish I had when launching my very first business. Matt has been building communities and businesses at scale for years. I can't imagine a better course, or a better teacher to help entrepreneurs build their brand, community and business.

      Sahil Bloom

      Investor | Entrepreneur | Creator

      The proof is in the pudding. Matt’s approach has helped grow Herb to 14 million people and he has one of the fastest-growing personal brands I’ve ever seen.

      Harry Dry

      Founder, Marketing Examples

      Matt is AWESOME. I love his energy. I love his mindset. Learn from Matt,  someone who's done it.

      Nicole Murphy

      Founder & CEO, Tallsize

      I’ve taken A LOT of courses on ALL THE THINGS and I just have to say, this is by far the most valuable experience I’ve had. The amount of value you provide both in and outside of the sessions blows me away.

      Justin Welsh

      Founder, The Diversified Solopreneur

      Matt has incredible systems for people who want to build scalable businesses online. Fast. He’s been building profitable businesses and communities for years, and can help you level up your game.

      Alex Lieberman

      Co-Founder, Morning Brew

      Matt is more than a successful entrepreneur. He is a next-level systems thinker who is giving an entire generation of entrepreneurs the tools to succeed in business & life. He doesn’t accept that good business and good life should be mutually exclusive. 

      Austin Belcak

      Founder, Cultivated Culture

      I love Matt’s advice and systems because they’re based on his experience actually doing this stuff. The Founder OS Program is the exact system he used to build a community of 14 million and grow not one, but two $10M+ companies. If I woke up with no audience and no customers, Matt is the first person I’d call to help me build it back up.


      Founder, Zarta

      Matt’s advice is super on point because it’s practical. He’s gone through and done everything that he preaches. If you don’t want to spend hours digging up frameworks on content, growth, marketing, and general startup advice - talk to Matt, read his newsletter, or sign up for his course.

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